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    Posted on March 20th, 2010

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    Other than the regular fixed odds bets, there are also spread bets you can place on a sporting event. The most common example is spread betting opportunity you find on football matches. The betting opportunity can be anything from the number of goals, the number of corner kicks, cards, even how fast the first goal is scored. Using the right strategy, you can actually combine the available bets to increase profitability of your sports betting activities.

    The first thing you need to remember is added risks. You need to make sure the added risks are within your betting bankroll or budget. Always bet with the amount of money you can afford to lose, and make sure you know exactly the kind of risks you are facing. With spread betting, the return can be very rewarding but the risks are also pretty high.

    Focus on your primary bet first. If you are spread betting on a regular basis, then fixed odds bets are actually your secondary bets and vice versa. Place your primary bets first, and understand the risks you are exposed to. Use that potential loss to calculate the amount of secondary bet you can place to reduce the risks while staying profitable.

    Finding the right mixture of the two bets can be tricky at first, but you will be able to use the two betting opportunities to your benefits. If you understand the competing parties thoroughly, you can make a lot of fortune placing sports bets on a regular basis.

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